LED Light Box

Highest Brightness and Uniformity

  • Unique Software to manufacture Light Guide Panel for Edge Lit Light Irradiation
  • Advanced Know-How and Technology for producing Uniform V-cutting Pattern


Lower Power Consumption

  • Lower Power Consumption compared with CCFL or Conventional Light Source


Longer Life, No Maintenance

  • Minimum 50,000 Hours Life Span
  • No Periodic Maintenance required


Available any Requirement of Display

  • Ultra slim Built-in Controller
  • Available Huge Size (1,300mm x 4,000mm, 1,800mm x 3,000mm)


Ultra Slim Frame Construction

  • 20 mm Thickness
  • 25/30 mm Flap Width


RGB Color Changeable Type

  • Ultra Slim Frame (20mm)
  • Built in Controller
  • Multiple Control Programs (Built in)
  • Available customized Program
  • Available sequential Dimming Control
  • Available RGB LED with Controller
  • Full Color Control with RGB LED